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Welcome to our blog! Here we will recount cases, tell funny stories and give you insight into the daily life of a veterinarian. In July, I will share photos of our new puppy! Enjoy!

Giuliana Scott joins Four Paws!

June 21, 2012

We are so excited to announce that Giuliana Scott has joined our team! Many of you know Giuliana from Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital. She is a technician extraordinaire who has amazing technical skills, veterinary knowledge and is incredibly organized and efficient. We are so happy she is with us! We spent the day doing housecalls and had so much fun! And as much as she tried to hide it, I saw her making lists furiously! Welcome Giuliana!!

Humane Society

May 18, 2012

Today I worked at the Humane Society.  I have been doing some relief work for them the last few weeks and have enjoyed it tremendously.  I think all A2 veterinarians should be required to work there for a week - it is a hard job - physically and emotionally demanding.  They do very good work and practice the best medicine possible.  I am in awe of the number of cases they see in a day and they do it well!  They help so many patients and people in need and truly do it from the heart.  I have been impressed and have been having a lot of fun with a great group of people!

One of the doctors did surgery on a robin this afternoon - yup, a robin.  It had an infection in it's keel.  They put it under anesthesia and cleaned the abscess.  Truly amazing!

Tomorrow is the Walk n Wag - the fundraiser for the Humane Society.  Funny, when I decided to become a sponsor with Four Paws, I never had any notion I would also be doing relief work for them! Now, I am just thrilled I decided to do it.  I feel like it is a win-win situation.  It has been fun getting ready for it though a lot of work.

Hope to have some stories to tell this weekend.