Plan Ahead – Ample Time to Plan a Peaceful Goodbye

When faced with difficult decisions about your pet, you and your family are your pet’s best advocates.

This is especially true as your pet naturally ages or if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Planning a humane, peaceful and dignified end of life for your pet is now an integral part of their care plan.

Recent advances in veterinary end-of-life care, including palliative care, hospice care, natural death options, and humane euthanasia now give you and your pet many more options, all in the comfort of your own home.

It is important to understand all of the options available in order to make an informed decision about the future care of your beloved pet.

With the help of a specially trained veterinary team, an end of life plan is created to determine which path is best for you and your pet.  Having a plan in place – ahead of time – will help make the transition more peaceful and less stressful for all involved: you, your family, other pets in the household, and most importantly, your ill or aging pet.

Veterinarians like Dr. Turenne, with advanced training in hospice for pets, use a variety of modalities on a case-by-case basis tailored to the individual pet’s needs. We have seen pets respond well to acupuncture, Reiki, massage therapy, the use of herbs and essential oils, as well as traditional methods such as veterinary-specific pain medications, nutritional supplements, and food therapy.

The personalized care plan for your pet may include one or more of the aforementioned modalities. We have also learned that a preemptive approach, especially when it comes to pain management, is essential. Pets experience a significantly higher quality of life when pain is addressed before the pet is in distress.

Saying goodbye to our good friends can be a peaceful and dignified experience for all involved. With a plan in place, the precious time remaining can be spent in peace and being truly present together, your pets with their people – surrounded by the comforts of home.