In-Home Pet Euthanasia in Ann Arbor

Making the decision to euthanize your pet is one of the most difficult choices pet parents have to make. Although this is a difficult decision, in-home pet euthanasia is a peaceful process and will minimize stress and anxiety for both you and your pet.

Dr. Turenne is a Certified Hospice and Palliative care veterinarian. This training and 20 years of experience allow to her to bring expert guidance to the in-home pet euthanasia process. Dr. Turenne understands that not every pet or pet parent is the same and can tailor her in-home visit to allow for a peaceful transition for your beloved pet.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of performing pet euthanasia at home and what to expect through the process.

in-home pet euthanasia in ann arbor


Benefits of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

  • More people can be present; all family members or special friends and neighbors who have cared for or bonded with your pet
  • Animal family members can be present. In addition to your own family pets at home, many pets have made strong bonds with other  animals in your neighborhood and dog friends from the dog park. These beloved friends are welcome to join us.
  • Time to say your final goodbye – on your terms
  • Religious, Spiritual and Philosophical freedoms
  • Setting a peaceful atmosphere; music, candles, flowers, pictures, poems, etc.
  • No stressful or upsetting car ride to a vet clinic
  • Your pet’s final moments are spent surrounded by the comforts of home, perhaps in a special chair, their favorite spot in the backyard, or simply nestled in your lap.

If you live in the greater Ann Arbor area, please Contact Us.  Dr. Turenne honors all traditions, rituals, and anything you would wish to do to make the experience more comfortable and easier for you and your pet. When appropriate, Dr. Turenne can individualize the service by integrating Reiki, massage, flower essences, and essential oils to help your beloved pet pass peacefully.

A word from one of our clients, “Your wise words, capable actions and compassionate manner helped all of us tremendously – more than I can adequately express.  We will miss Wishbone, who was,  as you said “a special boy.”  It feels sometimes like I have lost my shadow…how lucky we were to have each other!  And how lucky to have found you! Thanks so much.   ~ Fran – Manchester, MI

If you live outside the Ann Arbor area, please check with your current veterinarian about their house call availability or for a referral to a mobile veterinarian who can help with in-home pet euthanasia.

Additional questions you may want to ask a mobile veterinarian ahead-of-time:

  • Can I Hold My Pet?
  • How Will it Happen?
  • What Will it Be Like?
  • What are My Aftercare Options?

Please Contact us – We’re here to help

What to Expect

What to Expect from In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Four Paws Veterinary Wellness strives to make the passing of your beloved pet as stress-free as possible in such a tough situation. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself and your pet.

Preparing for In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Before the appointment, someone from our office will help you complete the necessary paperwork. At this time, we’ll ask any questions you have about creating a safe space for your pet and loved ones. At this time, we will also discuss aftercare options.

Making the Right Decisions for Your Pet

Faithful Companion has earned the trust of countless clients, which is why Four Paws Veterinary Wellness has chosen to partner with them for aftercare services. Through their services, you have the option of private cremation or communal cremation with no ashes returned to you. Should you choose to move forward with Faithful Companion, our team will handle all the arrangements on your behalf.

How In-Home Euthanasia Works

Our team will come to your home on the day of the in-home pet euthanasia appointment. Dr. Turenne and a veterinary nurse arrive and introduce themselves to your family and your pet.

  • We’re happy to answer any questions you may have ahead of time to avoid stress and confusion during the procedure. Our primary focus is making you and your pet comfortable.
  • Identify a location for in-home euthanasia. This might be under the pet’s favorite tree, on their favorite pillow, or in another place they are most comfortable.
  • After we have reviewed the necessary details, we give you time to say goodbye to your pet. At this time, we usually step away to give privacy though we are always honored to stay if you wish.

Saying Goodbye

Many pet owners tell their pet how much they love them. You decide how you’ll say goodbye. Here are a few tips to make the time meaningful:

  • Share your favorite stories about your pet.
  • Singing or prayer to celebrate their life.
  • Light candles and share a moment of silence.
  • Play soothing music.

Two-Step Process

Two-Step Process for In-home Euthanasia

Step 1 – Administer a sedative to help your pet relax and feel less anxious.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • We use a small needle
  • The process takes just 5-10 minutes.
  • At this time you can talk to, pet, and feed them treats.

Step 2 – Administer the second medication to complete euthanasia.

We administer medication that will put your pet to sleep painlessly. We will determine the best area to place this medication at our appointment but most often it will be an intravenous injection. There are other locations that can be used which will also provide peaceful euthanasia.

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided to use Faithful Companion, they arrive at the time you designate. At this time, Faithful Companion brings a very nice cardboard casket to take your pet back to their facility for cremation. If private cremation was selected, you’ll receive the ashes in 48 hours.

We are honored to help you face a difficult situation with grace.