Cash the Cat

When our cat started having seizures, it wasn’t long before I exhausted all of the conventional explanations and treatment options that I was comfortable with. An article written about Dr. Turenne and her practice with veterinary acupuncture led us to her door, and for the first time we had someone who listened to us, was patient with us, was dedicated to going the extra mile. I recall feeling so amazed when she called me to ask more questions after our initial visit. With acupuncture and Chinese herbs we found success in both understanding the seizures and controlling them, and we are so grateful for her talents. I’ve had pets and vets all my life, and Dr. Turenne is truly the best.

~Katie Eory and Bob Trustman

Tyson’s Arthritis Improved

Dr. Turenne has done acupuncture for our dog Tyson for about a year now. Tyson is a 15-year-old Miniature Schnauzer. Due to his age he is having problems with his back legs and hips. Since his acupuncture treatments we have seen improvements in his agility and over all health. Dr. Turenne also treated his brother (Jack) who had Cushing’s disease. Though Jack had died due to his illness, we firmly believe that the acupuncture treatments helped him be more comfortable in his last few months.

We feel fortunate to have someone like Dr. Turenne treat our animals. Not only is she is a very passionate and caring veterinarian, but she opens her mind to alternative treatments, which has proved to be very beneficial.

We highly recommend Dr. Turenne.

~Scott and Karen Shaper

Sweet Maggie May

Maggie’s first visit with Dr. Turenne was November 4, 2010. Maggie was completely paralyzed in her back legs, in a great deal of pain with a herniated disc in her back. I had taken Maggie to her vet on August 27, 2010 and she started treatment with pain medication and later taking an x-ray (10-18-10) to determine a herniated disc. She recommended I take Maggie to a neurologist. The neurologist suggested surgery which I could not afford. A friend suggested I talk to Dr. James Romine at Saline Veterinary Services. Dr Romine suggested acupuncture with Dr. Turenne.

Dr. Turenne started acupuncture twice a week, first starting with just needles and later adding electros to stimulate. Each week I began to see an improvement in Maggie. In about a month Maggie began to use on her back legs again starting with a few steps at a time until she was able to walk across a room. The week of December 20, 2010, and for the next 2 weeks Maggie saw Dr. Turenne once a week. As Maggie started getting stronger she has become aggravated so she now sees the doctor once every 2 weeks.

Maggie is about 95% better and at this time she can walk, run and goes down steps….all things that she could NOT do when I first took her to Dr. Turenne. The only thing Maggie is having trouble doing, at this time, is going up steps although she does try, I am sure in time she will. If after treatments are complete and Maggie has a relapse I will take her back to Dr. Turenne for acupuncture treatments.

~Sharon Shures

Max, He Who First Hated Needles!

Max, my 17 year old orange tabby cat, was hunching in pain. The hunching seemed to be worse after eating. He had bad diarrhea and was licking off large patches of fur. He would sit on the couch for hours in a hunched position. He would wake me up in the middle of the night, crying in pain. All his bloodwork and urine tests came back within normal ranges. I tried giving him pain medications but the medication left him very spacey. When the medication wore off, Max was back to being in pain again. I tried 2 different diarrhea medications but neither worked.

I came across a pamphlet for Monica Turenne and acupuncture at doggie daycare and I decided to see if it would help with pain management for Max. Best decision I could have made. After 4 months of acupuncture treatments, Max is doing very very well. He does not take pain medications. The hunching has stopped. His appetite is excellent. The diarrhea is much less frequent. He has stopped compulsively grooming. He is noticeably moving around more comfortably.

Dr. Turenne has been a wonderful caregiver to Max. She has been extremely compassionate and patient while working with Max. She has been very gentle in handling Max during his treatments and has been wonderful in coaxing him to tolerate the needles. She takes great care in examining him, she takes very meticulous notes on his condition and she modifies the treatment areas of the needles as she is seeing him progress.

~Karen Collareno

Amazing Wilson

At a year and a half our yellow-lab was diagnosed with congenital joint issues involving his hips, knees and elbows. Our options were limited – costly surgery with no guarantee or powerful pain medications that presented side effect with long term use. As a last resort we were encouraged to try a holistic regimen: acupuncture, food therapy and herbs. This final option turned out to be life saving for Wilson. He has been medication free for over four years. His pain and inflammation are controlled by monthly acupuncture maintenance and we can look forward to a long and happy life with him. We are grateful that we were referred to Dr. Monica Turenne who turned a last resort into a lifetime of canine happiness!

~Francine MacBride