Holistic & Integrative Services

When approaching the care and treatment of your pet dogs and cats, you have more options today than ever. Medicine, both human and veterinary, is often divided into two basic therapies: Western and Eastern. As intensive studies become more prolific, many pet owners are considering the holistic and integrative therapies available to their pets to ease their symptoms. A vet who is open-minded and understands how to integrate the various modalities of Eastern medicine with Western medicine can assess and develop a more comprehensive and integrative approach for your beloved pet to aid in easing symptoms and promoting wellness.

Western medicine is relatively young in comparison to Eastern therapies. We use many Western protocols and standardized treatment plans because of the scientific research and modern technologies employed to diagnose and treat. There is no doubt that advances in Western medicine have saved – and will continue to save lives. However, one of the biggest complaints about this approach is that the science of the medicine has narrowed the focus to physical assessment, laboratory diagnostics and a standardized treatment protocol that usually is limited to traditional pharmacology.

Eastern medicine is centuries old. The therapies have been slowly cultivated and improved over a long time. Unlike Western medicine, it encompasses the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the patient as a remedy, or relief, is sought. By taking a holistic and integrative approach, we have the opportunity to better customize a plan specifically for you and your pet based on the best of both East and West.

What is Holistic Medicine?



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