Plan a Peaceful Goodbye

Your final goodbye to a beloved pet can be a peaceful and dignified experience for all involved.

We all know how hard it is to make decisions in the middle of a crisis. This scenario is no different when our pets are ill.  Having an end-of-life plan in place helps safeguard against this situation and gives us time to really think about what we want for our pets and ourselves when it is time to say goodbye.

Planning Ahead

If your pet is nearing the end of their natural lifespan, or if a veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with a terminal, but not immediately life threatening, illness – meaning you have time to plan for end-of-life or pet hospice care, please contact us here.

Limited Time to Plan

However, we also understand there are sudden, unexpected or emergency situations in which you have limited time to plan.  Even in these situations, we can help to make your pet’s transition peaceful.  If this is the case for you and your pet, please click here.

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