Home Burial

Home burial may be an option in your area. Please check local ordinances to determine if this is legal. For some general guidelines regarding burying your pets, please see the list below.


  • Check your county ordinances for any restrictions.
  • Please call your utilities office to come and determine if there are any water lines or gas lines which cross the area you have chosen to bury your pet.
  • Your pet does can be wrapped in a blanket or any other soft material of your choosing. You may also choose a container or a box in which to place them. Avoid plastics as they can disrupt your pet’s natural process of becoming one with the earth.
  • A depth of 3-5 feet is recommended as this depth will help to prevent other animals from discovering the area.
  • We recommend you create a mound of soil on top of the burial site. And placing large stones around and on top of the mound which will also discourage digging from other animals.
  • Please remember that when euthanized, there are medications in your pet’s body that can be lethal to other animals.
  • Many families choose to bury ashes they receive back from the cremation facility. Perhaps you have thought to grow a tree or some flowers in this area. If you are planning this, please use an organic soil mixture with the cremains. This will make the soil nutrient dense which will help trees, plants and flowers grow